Australian Brumby Challenge

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Update 2 Week 6 – Briar Morris and VBA Pilot

Well I can’t believe 5 weeks has flown by. Pilot is doing well he is still reminding me of my second challenge brumby Levi being a little slower with his confidence building but each day we are working towards his trust in me a little more. I can pay all down his off side really well and he has shown glimpses of love for a good scratch. Week 3 came and little Pilot was getting cabin fever being locked up so I decided to give him a couple weeks off to go out with the herd. His new mum Esther is doing a fabulous job showing him that humans aren’t all that scary and I’m really hoping her confidence in me can rub off on him. We haven’t gotten to haltering just yet as he is so flighty, I want it to be the right time for him. We have been working on his draw and getting him to follow me around his yard so that when I do go to halter him and start teaching him to lead his liberty leading foundation is already there.