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Australian Brumby Challenge

Kristen Kenny VBA Violet - Week 10

Wow how time flies. 

Boo has come along in leaps and bounds and now dropped her winter woolies and is looking great. 

We have had a lot of mile stones in the past 6 weeks. 

Boo had her first experience with the farrier which went very well. We have done a lot of work with picking up and holding her feet. 

Boo also had her first float ride tied up and locked in the float. I was very proud of how well behaved and calm she was. 

We had our first vet visit as she got caught up rolling under a fence and had to get a couple of stitches. The vet complimented her behaviour through the treatment. She was such a good girl. And is all healed up. 

We had an experience with the clippers when she has a scabby section under her mane. She was not fazed at all.

We did discover what does upset Boo and that was heavy rain on the tin roof. She was quite upset the first time she experienced this. Poor girl would definitely not  have heard that before.

We have practiced running on the lead in preparation for our show. 

Boo loves toys and ball and any object in the paddock really, she is so playful. 

The best part is she whinnies when I call her and trots up to greet me, so cute. 

At times it seems time gets away from us with the day to day life cutting in to my brumby play time. However to think this girl was wild 10 weeks ago is quite amazing.