Australian Brumby Challenge

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Kristen Kenny VBA Violet - Week 2

 It has been two weeks since we picked up VBA Violet aka Boo. Our journey began with a 14 hour drive back to Sydney arriving home at 1am. Little Boo travelled so well and calmly walked off the float and had a big drink and then some dinner.

The next morning I was pleased to see she was comfortable in her new home and taking in her new surroundings. Boo shares her home with 70 other horses so there was a lot to take in.

After letting her settle for most of the day I started to work with her that afternoon. My first goal was have her face me with the use of pressure and release. Boo took to this well as she is a naturally curious horse. She let me get closer and closer each time and then she decided to touch me. She nuzzled all over my arm and head and then allowed me to touch her on her face. I was surprised that she accepted me touching her in such a short time and as soon as she discovered I could scratch all those itchy spots she was more than happy to let me scratch all over her neck , back and even her front legs.

This was such an amazing step and also my favourite moment when they accept you in their space and touching them.

Boo has been very willing with all that she has been presented with over this time. She was wearing a halter on day three and then started to learn to lead. We have been going on long walks to explore the property which she loves, especially all the weird things like witches hats and jump equipment.

Boo now is turned out during the day with four other ponies who she has befriended. She loves interacting with them and seems to be the boss of that paddock already.

This week we are working on yielding to pressure and she has learnt to back up on the lead rope as well as pick up and have her feet picked out.It has been an amazing first two weeks with so many milestones. This little Brumby is sweet and bold and has a very trainable nature. Everyone who meet her falls in love. I am loving every minute of this process and she never fails to amaze me with all she can do.