Australian Brumby Challenge

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Kristen Kenny VBA Violet - Week 6

Boo has had a great six weeks and has become a very inquisitive little brumby. She has definitely settled into domestic life and is turned out with the other horses during the day and stabled at night. 

She loves people and has to greet any person that walks by. She certainly has made many friends. 

We have started lunging which she picked up very quickly. Our focus has been to move away from pressure and she is becoming soft and easy to move. 

Boo had her first bath which at first she was a little worried about, but she now enjoys playing with the hose.

We have also begun our float training as she will need to get on and off multiple times on our way down to the Brumby Festival. She stands calmly on the float and backs off quietly. Our next move will be to stand whilst being locked in. Boo is smart, bold and willing which makes training her fun and fuss free.