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Vicki and Zali - Week 11

Zali is now looking superb. A huge focus over the past two months has been getting improved condition; she hadn’t wintered well and had most of her ribs showing but after being fed CopRice she is now in optimum health. She’s not quite ready to ride (due to the residual swelling from teeth issues which have now been resolved) and instead we have been working on lunging, long reining, walking over things (like an old mattress), walking under things (hanging noodles, fly sheets etc), dragging tires behind her and I have also been leading her out on adventures off other ponies. She is incredible relaxed about life and the extra handling now will only aid the ridden process once she's physically ready.

 Zali is getting checked over by out equine skeletal therapist tomorrow and if she gets the all clear the ridden work will begin which is exciting!


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