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Vicki and Zali - Week 13

Zali has had another week off while we continue to resolve what is wrong with her. The first focus has been getting the dentist back out to relook over the teeth. While the issues (with sharp hooks including one growing up into the upper jaw) were resolved at the time, a recheck has shown a years worth of growth in just 6 weeks, and because her bottom jaw is not working correctly the hook has grown up into the upper jaw again causing it to lock and putting huge pressure on the TMJ joint (which is where the primary swelling is. While most horses get their teeth done annually, and those with issues every 6 months, the dentist has booked Zali in for one months time to continue to to sort out the dental issues so we can get one step closer to having a pain free horse. Zali is also struggling to eat hay and grass, often balling it up and dropping it which could explain much of her light condition when we got her – the rapid gain in weight is testament to the CopRice feed she has been getting and such an improvement in health is probably why she is also having such rapid tooth grown.



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