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Vicki and Zali - Week 2

My mare VBA Diana had progressed well in her work throughout this week, taking less time to relax with me each day, but unfortunately she was starting to show stiffness in the hind end, and because of her age (dental photos indicate 16 – 20 years) the VBA decided it was in her best welfare to be removed from the Australian Brumby Challenge.

Instead I have been assigned one of the reserve horses, a bay mare VBA Zali and began work with her on Friday starting from scratch again. I have haltered her and began teaching her how to face up and lead. She is very sensible in the yards with people moving around her, I can rub over her shoulders and back but she will hide her face, avoiding looking at me directly.

She is a sensitive mare but I believe is going to be very light and trainable, and am excited to see how she progresses this week!

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