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Vicki and Zali - Week 3

After receiving a new Brumby last week, I have started from scratch again. This time with the bay mare I have named Zali (meaning ‘special’ in the Aboriginal language).

Zali has a very sensible brain but is sensitive and reactive at times. Zali was initially very relaxed about being rubbed over her neck and shoulders but was unwilling to let me near her head, so for the first two days I worked her quietly teaching her to face up to work through that. After being haltered and then taught to lead, we soon left the yard and went outside, exploring the property, playing over logs and walking onto platforms.

Although she was still tentative around her head Zali was quickly becoming relaxed about being close to me and learnt rapidly, with tackling new obstacles never being an issue.

On Wednesday there was a volunteer day at the VBA, where Zali impressed, showing off her new skills and loading onto a trailer for first time in front of a crowd. The next day she was introduced to the hose, we believe washing them can be a very instrumental learning tool with wild horses as the water spray gets them accustom to being touch where you cannot yet.

Zali is an intelligent, athletic mare and I am hopeful that she will show jump in the future.         


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