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Vicki and Zali - Week 5

This week we had huge progress! Zali was sat on for the first time by our 11-year old student with me on the ground to give her confidence, and having the young girl meant she was more comfortable with having weight on her back.

When starting all of our horses we take the time to ensure they are relaxed with being lain across, and having us jumping up and down beside them allowing them to become confident with our movement and weight on them. The next day we transitioned to me sitting on her and taking our first few steps, going for a walk around the arena and playing on our ‘bridge’.

We finished off the week in style, going for a walk down the beach following the other horses (first on the lead, then ridden) and finished with lots of rolling in the soft sand.

She is becoming such a sweet mare who tries hard, and loves to please.


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