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VBA Zali

VBA Zali is a mature, bay mare who was caught whilst pregnant from the Long Plain region of the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW in winter, 2015 with her stallion, VBA Maximus (who is taking part in the Australian Brumby Challenge with trainer Rachel Clarkson). Zali foaled down with VBA Chance (who is taking part in the yearling challenge with trainer Brooke Palmer) at our Brumby Junction sanctuary whilst she lived with her herd here. Zalis foal was weaned and Zali returned to one of our larger paddocks to build up her strength and continue to get used to life on a farm. Zali's trainer in the Australian Brumby Challenge is Vicki Wilson.

Vicki Wilson

Ridden Section: Non-Professional Trainer

Vicki Wilson is one of New Zealand’s most successful and well respected show jump riders and is known for her competitive edge and her ability to get the best from her horses. In the 2013-2014 season she won 10 Grand Prix classes and placed in another 12, and at the 2014 Horse of the Year she won the Premier Stakes and 6-Year-Old title as well as claiming the Lowry Medallion for the fifth time and the Nationwide Cup for her seventh year, more than any other rider in history.

Vicki is well regarded for her versatility and has won many national titles across the Show Jumping, Show Hunter, and Showing disciplines, has represented New Zealand in the winning Trans Tasman Young Rider team three times and has competed to 1.40m riding under the New Zealand flag in Europe with many wins and placings.

Although highly regarded for her team of show jumpers, Vicki is equally well known for her work with the wild Kaimanawas. Since 2012, alongside her sisters Kelly and Amanda, she has saved almost 30 wild horses from slaughter and trained them. In 2013 they gained global recognition winning the prestigious FEI Solidarity Award. Their work features in the documentary ‘Wind Eaters’ and the television Series ‘Keeping Up with the Kaimanawas’ both to be released in 2015. In 2015 Vicki travelled to America to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover, but when her mare was vetted out of the competition due to a pre-existing injury she went on to train another four mustangs.

Vicki has spent the past three years raising awareness for the plight of wild horses in New Zealand, making a significant increase in public awareness and greatly reducing slaughter rates. She has extensive experience working with adult wild horses, both mares and stallions directly from the wild, and has a huge public following. Vicki hopes her work with Brumbies makes some positive difference in the lives of the horses she trains, and that they become ambassadors for the breed to increase awareness of Brumbies in general.

You can follow Vicki on Facebook at Wilson Sisters 

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