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From Arden Lee, Titanium's trainer:

Polite, well-mannered developing young brumby. Has exceptional natural movement, with spring in his hocks and great ground coverage. Well-rounded conformation. Self-loads on float, travels well. Easily caught and a pleasure in paddock with other horses. Has been out and about, on roads, open spaces, bush, pony club – shows a genuine willingness to participate in all things offered by handler – water, tarps, sand, steep terrain. Yards, leads and ties, and maintains his composure regardless of the activity going on around him.

Prospectively, after he grows into himself, Titanium would make a lovely dressage pony, or handy pony club mount. He will develop easily into any discipline due to his willingness and easy-going nature.

Wormed, trimmed, vaccinated, dentistry attended.

Dolly's Dream Memorial Challenge Yearling Brumbies



VBA Dynamo

Colour: Bay with off hind sock to below fetlock.
Born: 1/11/2017

Sex: Filly
Mother: VBA Caelin, caught 31/08/2017 from Long Plain, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW
Expected to mature: Solid 14.2hh





From Teagan van Gaans, VBA Dynamos trainer:

I have been lucky enough to ride and own some amazing horses however I have never met a horse with a nature remotely similar to Dynamo’s. She is incredibly hard working and is very willing to do everything that I ask of her. She shows huge potential as a pony club or children’s pony as she is people orientated and friendly. Dynamo would be well suited to many disciplines as she will end up being the perfect height where most people can ride her. Dynamo is naturally curious and is not normally scared of any new object. She is an incredibly quick learner, with her being the first yearling to conquer many new experiences such as the halter and float. Dynamo works well with or without other horses around. She is also very comfortable with other animals such as dogs. Dynamo can be led, is easy to float and has had her feet trimmed. She has also been rugged. To find out more about what Dynamo can do, check out her updates on the Australian Brumby Challenge website.

Dynamo and I are very excited to be competing at EQUITANA! Although it will be a happy and sad moment, I look forwards to seeing Dynamo thrive with her new owners who I am sure she will make very happy. I have been blessed with the opportunity to begin training such a superstar of a horse.

VBA Lucky

Colour: Chestnut with lighter mane and tail.
Born: 12/10/2017​
Sex: Gelding
Mother: VBA Tesha, caught 31/08/2017 from Long Plain, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW
Expected to mature: Solid 14.1-2hh

From Trai Bryant, Lucky's trainer:

Lucky is a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, gelding.

 He has the most adorable personality, he just loves to be with people. He loves walks out, rubs, and new adventures. He has travelled 3000km loading in and out of the gooseneck, over the course of 3 weeks. Lucky is that relaxed and casual that at most of the clinics or demos he layed down and had a sleep. He is bold and goes over obstacles and different areas that big horses sometime spook at. He is easy to do his feet and rug. Wash down he doesn’t like the cold water but is ok with it.  He is a cute pony and in a few years would make a brilliant ridden horse. He definitely will be a great addition to any horse family..

VBA Titanium

Colour: Jet black.
Born: 31/08/2017
Sex: Gelding
Mother: VBA Onyx, caught 27/07/2017 from Long Plain, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW
Expected to mature: Solid 14.2hh